Sophronitis pygmaea

Common Name: The Pygmy Sophronitis

Habitat: Sophronitis pygmaea is the smallest member of the genus. It is found growing high up in the coastal mountains in the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil. It grows at the northern part of the range for the genus.

Plant Size: Miniature.

Flower Size: 0.75 inches (2 cm)

Flower Description: Flowers are small and brightly colored and resemble butterflies.

Bloom Season: Spring or Fall

Growing Temperature: Cool to Intermediate. Temperatures in the habitat of Sophronitis pygmaea range from 45 F to 85 F.

Additional Information: This species was seperated from Sophronitis coccinia in 1991. Sophronitis pygmaea prefers cool growing conditions. Provide bright light with lots of air circulation. High humidity and constant moisture is critical to success with this species.

Synonyms: Hadrolaelia pygmaea; Sophronitis coccinea subsp. pygmaea; Sophronitis mantiqueirae var. pygmaea


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