Schomburgkia fimbriata

Common Names: Glorious Schomburgkia, The Fringed Schomburgkia

Habitat: Schomburgkia fimbriata is native to Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, Colombia and Ecuador where it is found growing at low elevations (200-900 meters).

Plant Size: Large. Schomburgkia fimbriata has two leaves and tall, compressed, jointed pseudobulbs. The plant is somewhat similar to Schomburgkia crispa.

Flower Size: 2 to 2.5 inches (6 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers of Schomburgkia fimbriata are clustered at the end of a 4 foot (120 cm) long erect or arching inflorescence. The waxy flowers are short-lived and have attractively twisted petals and sepals. A mature plant will produce between 8 and 15 flowers on a mature pseudobulb. Showy.

Bloom Season: Fall to early Winter

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm

Additional Information: This is a large plant with an impressive (if short-lived) floral display. Grow it in a slatted wood basket, clay pot, or mounted on driftwood or cork. Schomburgkia fimbriata needs high light and lots of fresh air. Let the plant or mount dry before watering again.

Synonyms: Bletia crispina; Epidendrum fimbriatum; Schomburgkia amazonica


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