Schomburgkia crispa

Common Name: The Curled Schomburgkia

Habitat: Schomburgkia crispa is found growing high up in trees where it received nearly full sunlight and breezes throughout the day. Schomburgkia crispa is found growing in Venezuela, Surinam, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.

Plant Size: Large. The elongated pseudobulbs of Schomburgkia crispa are topped with 2 or 3 leathery leaves.

Flower Size: Medium.

Flower Description: Schomburgkia crispa has beautiful glossy maroon flowers with heavily undulated petals. The lip is narrow and lighter in color with a yellow triangular blotch near the tip. Many flowers are clustered at the end of a very tall erect or arching flower spike.

Bloom Season: Summer, Fall

Growing Temperature: Warm to Intermediate

Additional Information: Schomburgkia crispa was the first species of Schomburgkia to be described and is the type species for the genus. Schomburgkia crispa grows best mounted on a strudy hardwood mount or in large slotted baskets. Provide as much light as possible; schomburgkia's require more light than most cattleya orchids to flower.

Synonyms: Bletia crispina; Bletia gloriosa; Bletia marginata; Cattleya crispa; Cattleya marginata; Laelia gloriosa; Laelia marginata; Schomburgkia crispa var. alba; Schomburgkia marginata; Schomburgkia marginata var immarginata


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