Leptotes unicolor

Habitat: Leptotes unicolor is native to Brazil where it is found growing in filtered light in forests on branches of trees.

Plant Size: Miniture. The thick, fleshy leaves of Leptotes unicolor only grow to 1.5 inches (4 cm) tall. The plants grow in a pendulous fashion.

Flower Size: 1 inch (2.5 cm). Its flowers are big in proportion to the plant.

Flower Description: The flowers of Leptotes unicolor are white with violet lips. The flowers are usually cupped and may not open fully.

Bloom Season: Spring. Sometimes Leptotes unicolor blooms again in the fall.

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm

Additional Information: Leptotes unicolor is best grown mounted on driftwood, cork, or tree fern plaques so that it may grow pendulously. Provide ample water during periods of active growth. This species requires less light than cattleyas and needs high humidity. Easy to grow.

Synonyms: Leptotes paranaensis


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