Leptotes tenuis

Habitat: Leptotes tenuis is native to misty forests in southern Brazil where it grows on trees.

Plant Size: Miniture. Leptotes tenuis has cylindrical pseudobulbs and fleshy, narrow leaves.

Flower Size: 0.66 inches (1.5 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers of Leptotes tenuis are fragrant. The flower stem grows above the foliage and bears one or two flowers. The flowers are pendent.

Bloom Season: Winter or Spring

Growing Temperature: Cool to Warm (adaptable)

Additional Information: Due to its pendulous growth habit, Leptotes tenuis needs to be mounted on tree fern. Provide bright, filtered light and lots of humidity. Provide ample water during periods of active growth.

Synonyms: Leptotes minuta; Tetramicra minuta


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