Laelia xanthina

Habitat: Brazil.

Plant Size: Medium. The ribbed pseudobulbs of Laelia xanthina have one erect, blue-green oblong leaf. It looks like a small unifoliate cattleya.

Flower Size: 2 1/2 inches to 3 1/2 inches (6-9 cm)

Flower Description: Two to six fragrant, waxy flowers grow on a 9 inch inflorescence and emerge from a lime green sheath. The flowers of Laelia xanthina have moderately wide segments and tend not to open completely. The lip is white with purple and yellow markings.

Bloom Season: Spring, Early Summer

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm

Additional Information: Laelia xanthina is closely related to Laelia purpurata and has been used by breeders to bring yellow to Cattleya hybrids. The plant resembles a unifoliate Cattleya in many respects. Grow in an open basket or shallow slatted pot with a very coarse growing medium to provide good drainage. It is a robust grower and requires a lot of water and fertilizer during active growth. Provide strong sunlight and a drier period during the winter.

Synonyms: Bletia flabellata; Bletia xanthina; Laelia wetmorei; Sophronitis xanthina


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