Laelia virens

Habitat: Brazil. Laelia virens grows on trees in its native habitat.

Plant Size: Compact growing. Laelia virens produces 4 to 6 inch pseudobulbs with a single, erect leaf about the same length as the pseudobulb.

Flower Size: Small to Medium

Flower Description: The flowers of Laelia virens are green with a pale green or white lip. Flowers do not fully open.

Bloom Season: Summer to Fall

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm. Laelia virens prefers warmer temperatures.

Additional Information: Laelia virens is grown primarily as a curiosity. The flowers are not very attractive compared to other members of the genus.

Keep the plants moist and do not them dry out excessively between waterings. Two to three times a week during the summer and once or twice a week during the winter is adequate. Plants grown in three inch pots are considered to be blooming size.

Synonyms: Laelia johniana; Laelia goebeliana; Sophronitis virens


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