Laelia pumila

Habitat: Laelia pumila is found growing in humid gallery forests along rivers in the state of Minas Gerais. Grows on trees in the lower portion of the canopy in moderate light. It is found between 600 to 1300 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Small. The plants of Laelia pumila are short and rarely grow more than 6 inches (15 cm) tall. Each pseudobulb has one erect broad leaf. Flower buds are formed inside the new leaf and do not have a protective sheath.

Flower Size: 4 to 5 inches (10-13 cm). Flowers seem large in proportion to the size of the plant.

Flower Description: Fragrant and long-lived. Flowers of Laelia pumila are well-shaped and very flat. The color is generally a uniform magenta with a darker purple lip. The throat is a lighter shade of magenta. Each new growth bears one or two flowers.

Bloom Season: Fall (October)

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm (adaptable)

Additional Information: Laelia pumila is closely related to Laelia praestans and Laelia dayana. There are several color forms available including a blue form (var. coerulea) and a pale pink form (var. delicata).

Laelia pumila is easy to grow and has been used to create some exquisite compact hybrids. Grow mounted on tree fern or cork or in a basket with excellent drainage. Need bright light and humidity. Ample water during active growth and a dry winter rest are required for reliable flower production. It grows quickly to form remarkable specimens.

Synonyms: Bletia pumila; Cattleya marginata; Cattleya pinelii; Cattleya pinelii var marginata; Cattleya pumila; Hadrolaelia pumila; Laelia praestans var. noblis; Sophronitis pumila


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