Laelia lundii

Habitat: Brazil. Laelia lundii grows on rocks or bush trunks above 1000 meters on the coastal mountains.

Plant Size: Small. The narrow, oblong and compressed pseudobulbs of Laelia lundii are short and have two to three fleshy leaves on top. The leaves are almoste cylindrical but have a deep channel on the upper surface.

Flower Size: 1 1/2 inches (3-4 cm)

Flower Description: Laelia lundii has small white star-shaped flowers with a purple lip. Two flowers develop on a short raceme on the new growth as it matures.

Bloom Season: Mid-Winter, Spring

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm

Additional Information: Laelia lundii is attractive and can become a small specimen plant with age. Grow like other rupicolous laelia species in an inorganic growing media. Some growers recommend a basket to accomodate its rambling growth habit and provide excellent drainage. Bright light and good air circulation are a must.

Easy to identify; this is the only laelia from Brazil that has more than one leaf.

Synonyms: Bletia lundii; Laelia lundii var. alba; Laelia regnelii; Laelia reichenbachiana; Microlaelia lundii; Sophronitis lundii


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