Laelia dayana

Habitat: Brazil. Laelia dayana is found growing on lichen-covered trees in the Organ Mountains.

Plant Size: Small. Laelia dayana has compact cylidrical pseudobulbs produce one long, broad fleshy leaf. Compact growth.

Flower Size: 3 inches (7-9 cm)

Flower Description: Flower color of Laelia dayana ranges through various shades of violet with prominent dark striping boldly displayed on a white throat of the lip which is nicely formed. Each growth supports only one flower (very rarely two). The flower bud is protected by the emerging leaf and the plant flowers as the new growth matures. There are alba and coerulea flower forms available. Flower segments tend to reflex or cup and the flower may not open all the way.

Bloom Season: Fall

Growing Temperature: Cool, Intermediate, or Warm

Additional Information: Laelia dayana a curious species that is not often seen in collections. Needs bright light and good air circulation. Mount on cork or tree fern or grow in slatted baskets for optimal growth. Laelia dayana needs a cool, dry winter rest period. This species has been used by breeders to produce miniture cattleya hybrids. Laelia dayana readily adapts to being grown under lights indoors.

Laelia dayana 'Hartford' AM/AOS is an awarded lavender clone and is worth getting for your collection.

Synonyms: Hadrolaelia dayana; Laelia pumila subsp. dayana; Laelia pumila var dayana; Sophronitis dayana

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