Laelia autumnalis

Habitat: Laelia autumnalis is native to Mexico. Grows between 1500 and 2600 meters in elevation in the mountains of the central and southern part of the country on scrubby evergreen oaks and moss-covered rocks.

Plant Size: Small to Medium. Laelia autumnalis has conical pseudobulbs that are topped with 2 to 3 long leathery leaves. Pseudobulbs become wrinkled and furrowed with age. Flower stems are arching and grow between 2 to 3 feet (60-90 cm) long.

Flower Size: 3 to 4 inches (7.5-10 cm)

Flower Description: Fragrant, long-lasting flowers range from purple to lavender in color. There is a a lot of variation in flower color. Flowers of Laelia autumnalis are waxy and of good substance.

Bloom Season: Fall, Winter

Growing Temperature: Cool to Intermediate

Additional Information: Laelia autumnalis is another popular Mexican Laelia that is frequently grown outdoors in Southern California. It prefers the same temperature range as Laelia anceps and Cymbidiums but readily adapts to greenhouse culture if it has cooler night temperatures. Does well mounted or in a pot with coarse growing media and excellent drainage. The plants require high light and cooler night temperatures (especially in the winter) in order to be successful in cultivation. Overwatering is the most common problem; reduce watering during the winter dormant period.

Synonyms: Amalia autumnalis; Bletia autumnalis; Cattleya autumnalis; Laelia autumnalis f. atrorubens; Laelia autumnalis f. xanthotrophis; Laelia autumnalis var. atrorubens; Laelia autumnalis var. venusta; Laelia autumnalis var. xanthotrophis; Laelia venusta


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