Epidendrum atroscriptum

Common Name: Dark Written Epidendrum

Habitat: Mexico south to Guatemala. Epidendrum atroscriptum is found growing in tropical rainforests in the Mexican states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Vera Cruz and in the northernmost part of Guatemala. It is found growing between 200 and 900 meters in elevation on trees or rocks.

Plant Size: Large. The leafy stems are reed-like and upright. Each stem has between seven and fourteen leaves.

Flower Size: 0.5 inches (1.25 cm)

Flower Description: The small flowers bloom in succession and have dark markings on the lip. Flowers bloom on a long, branched flower stem that grows up to 20 inches (50 cm) tall. Each stem carries between 12 and 120 flowers.

Bloom Season: Late Spring to Summer

Growing Temperature: Warm

Additional Information: Epidendrum atroscriptum is a large reed-stem Epidendrum that produces an impressive, long-lasting floral display. Grow in containers with coarse, open, well-drained media. Provide ample water and fertilizer during active growth and keep moist the rest of the year. This species can also be grown mounted on a substantial driftwood mount. Epidendrum atroscriptum is closely related to Epidendrum veroscriptum and Epidendrum roseoscriptum.

Synonyms: None.



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