Epidendrum armeniacum

Common Name: The Orange Epidendrum

Habitat: Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. Epidendrum armeniacum grows in moist mountainous forests between 450 and 1600 meters in elevation. This species grows on tree trunks.

Plant Size: Small. The stems are slender and upright and have many leaves.

Flower Size: 0.75 inches (2 cm)

Flower Description: Orange flowers are produced in great quantity on a flower stalk that emerges from the top of mature canes. Colorful and attractive.

Bloom Season: Fall and Winter

Growing Temperature: Warm to Cool (Adaptable)

Additional Information: Epidendrum armeniacum is an attractive and floriferous compact species that is adaptable and fairly undemanding. Mount on cork or tree fern or grow in pots with a loose, open media. Keep moist but not soggy and provide humidity and air circulation. This species has been used to produce some of todays showy reed-stem Epidendrum orchid hybrids.

Synonyms: Amblostoma armeniacum, Epidendrum macrostachya



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