Epidendrum anceps

Common Name: Brown Epidendrum

Habitat: Florida and the American tropics. Widespread. Epidendrum anceps grows on trees in cypress swamps and in forests up to 2000 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Medium.

Flower Size: 0.5 inches (1.5 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers of Epidendrum anceps range from brown to orange in color. The flowers can occur any time of the year and bloom on a terminal flower stem that grows to 9 inches (22.5 cm). Unlike most other orchids, the flower stem persists for many years and produces flowers any time of the year. Fragrant flowers. Some people think the flowers smell like old straw.

Bloom Season: Anytime of the year.

Growing Temperature: Cool to Warm.

Additional Information: Epidendrum anceps is a widespread and adaptable species that has many variations. The best cultivars have nicely shaped orange flowers. Grow mounted on cork or tree fern plaques or grow in slatted wood baskets in a coarse, open growing media. Provide Cattleya orchid growing conditions. This species tolerates a wide range of temperatures.

Synonyms: Amphiglottis anceps, Amphiglottis lurida, Cattleya galeottiana, Epidendrum amphistomum, Epidendrum anceps var. viridipurpureum, Epidendrum cearense, Epidendrum ensatum, Epidendrum fuscatum, Epidendrum fuscatum var. virescens, Epidendrum galeottianum, Epidendrum musciferum, Epidendrum patens, Epidendrum schenckianum, Epidendrum schreineri, Epidendrum secundum, Epidendrum secundum ssp. Breigeri, Epidendrum virescens, Epidendrum viridipurpureum, Tritelandra fuscata




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