Encyclia yauaperyensis

Common Name: Yauapery Encyclia Orchid

Habitat: Brazil and Bolivia. Encyclia yauaperyensis is found growing on trees in the proximity of the Brazilian provence of Yauapery. It is part of the Alto Amazonas region of Brazil.

Plant Size: Medium. The plant has pear-shaped or conical pseudobulbs and two upright linear, sword-shaped leaves.

Flower Size: About 1 inch (2.5 cm)

Flower Description: The petals and sepals of Encyclia yauaperyensis are olive-green in color with washes of yellow. The lip is creamy with red or magenta spots and veins.

Bloom Season: Unknown.

Growing Temperature: Warm to Intermediate.

Additional Information: This species is very rare and is seldom grown in collections today. Grow like other members of the genus mounted on cork bark slabs or in slatted baskets. Provide standard Cattleya growing conditions with a little more humidity.

Synonyms: Epidendrum yauaperyense



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