Encyclia tarumana

Common Name: Taruma Encyclia

Habitat: Brazil. Encyclia tarumana is found growing along rivers in gallery forests near Campinas in the Brazilian state of Amazonas in northwest Brazil. It grows in low elevation rain forests.

Plant Size: Medium. Mature specimens reach 2 feet (60 cm) in height and form substantial clumps. The pseudobulbs are widely separated (as opposed to tightly clustered) and grow to 4 cm tall and 1.5 cm wide. Each growth produces two leaves that grow to 15 inches (38 cm) long and are narrow.

Flower Size: 1.5 inches (3 cm)

Flower Description: Encyclia tarumana has attractive green petals and sepals that are washed with brown. The margin is lighter than the overall color. The lip is white with rose-lilac veins and a dark mahogany-colored mid-lobe. The flower stem is lightly branched and grows to 10 inches (25 cm) and produces between 10 and 17 flowers.

Bloom Season: Spring (September in Brazil).

Growing Temperature: Warm.

Additional Information: Encyclia tarumana is a little known but highly desirable species that deserves more attention from commercial growers and hobbyists. Easy to grow. Provide warm growing conditions with bright light, humidity and air circulation. Grow mounted on cork or in a slatted wood basket with a course growing media.

Synonyms: Epidendrum tarumanum



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