Encyclia steinbachii

Common Name: Steinbach's Encyclia

Habitat: Bolivia. Encyclia steinbachii is the southernmost member of the genus. It is found growing in forests around 450 meters in elevation near Buenavista, Bolivia.

Plant Size: Medium. The pseudobulbs of Encyclia steinbachii are upright and narrow and grow to 1.8 cm. Each growth produces two or three leaves.

Flower Size: 1.5 inches (3.6 cm)

Flower Description: Encyclia steinbachii reportedly produces large yellowish-green petals and sepals and white lips. The lip has distinctive purple or magenta markings. Flowers are produced on long, arching panicles that have many flowers.

Bloom Season: Summer

Growing Temperature: Intermediate.

Additional Information: Grow Encyclia steinbachii mounted on cork or driftwood mounts or in slatted baskets. The species is very uncommon in cultivation but it has been grown successfully by Fred Fuchs in south Florida.

Synonyms: Encyclia buchtienii



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