Encyclia spiritusanctensis

Common Name: Espirito Santo Encyclia

Habitat: Brazil. Encyclia spiritusanctensis grows on rocks in exposed environments in Epirito Santo.

Plant Size: Medium. Encyclia spiritusanctensis has two leaves per pseudobulb.

Flower Size: 1.5 to 2 inches (3.5-5 cm)

Flower Description: Fragrant. The petals and sepals of Encyclia spiritusanctensis are rosy pink to pale magenta or purple and are broad. The lip is broad and flares out at the tip and is pink to magenta in color with darker markers. The flower stalk is very tall and can reach well over 2 meters in height with the flowers clustered near the tip.

Bloom Season: Summer (February and March in Brazil)

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm.

Additional Information: Encyclia spiritusanctensis was first discovered in 1990. Although this rupicolous species is not widespread, the charming flowers, color, and fragrance should make this a popular species among collectors. Grow like rupicolous laelias in a clay pot with Alifor (or another inorganic growing media). Provide bright light but do not let the leaves burn. It also needs lots of air circulation to keep the leaves cool. It is similar to Encyclia advena.

Synonyms: Encyclia megalantha var. spiritusanctensis, Encyclia spritiusanctensis



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