Encyclia patens

Common Name: Sweet-Scented Encyclia

Habitat: Brazil. It is found growing on trees near Rio de Janeiro.

Plant Size: Medium. The plants produce two or three leaves that are dull green with maroon blotches and streaks.

Flower Size: 1 inch (2.5 cm)

Flower Description: Flowers of Encyclia patens are olive green with brownish-red streaks and stripes. The petals are fleshy and substantial and fragrant. The lip is yellowish and has red veins and markings. Flowers are produced on densely branched, erect flower spike that extends beyond the foliage.

Bloom Season: Late Winter to Summer

Growing Temperature: Intermediate

Additional Information: Encyclia patens is a fragrant, medium-sized species. Grow on cork slabs or in slatted baskets. It grows well under typical Cattleya orchid conditions and is not too picky in regards to growing conditions.

Synonyms: Epidendrum odoratissimum, Exophya patens, Epidendrum glutinosum, Epidendrum serronianum, Encyclia serroniana, Epidendrum patens, Macradenia lutescens



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