Encyclia naranjapatensis

Common Name: Naranjapata Encyclia

Habitat: Ecuador. Encyclia naranjapatensis is endemic to a limited area of the southern Ecuadorian highlands in the provinces of Bolivar and Canar. Its habitat is in the rain shadow of the mountains and can be found growing between 700 and 1300 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Large. The onion-shaped pseudobulbs grow to 3 inches (7 cm) tall and have two or three long, upright leaves that grow to 24 inches (60 cm).

Flower Size: 1.25 inches (3 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers of Encyclia naranjapatensis are large and full. Green suffused with brown in the dominant petal color. The margin is lighter in color. The white lip has a few red stripes and is somewhat broader than the petals. The branched flower spike grow to 24 inches (60 cm) tall.

Bloom Season: Late Winter to Summer

Growing Temperature: Warm

Additional Information: Encyclia naranjapatensis was named after a town close to the collection location that had a large orange tree. Grow mounted on cork slabs or grow in a slatted basket. Grow under standard Cattleya orchid conditions. Let it dry out during the winter and in between waterings and watch for fungal problems.

Synonyms: Encyclia strobelii



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