Encyclia ivoniae

Common Name: Ivon's Encyclia

Habitat: Venezuela and possibly Brazil. It was first discovered on the extreme southern edge of Venezuela in the state of Bolivar. Encyclia ivoniae prefers to grow on trees and sometimes rocks in exposed areas in gallery forests along rivers and the edge of the savannah.

Plant Size: Large. Specimens of Encyclia ivoniae can grow to 1.5 meters tall including the flower spike. Pseudobulbs are tightly clustered, pear-shaped, and grow to 5 inches (12 cm) in height. There are two or three broad leaves per growth that grow 20 inches (55 cm) long. When grown in bright light, the foliage develops a purple-maroon cast.

Flower Size: Medium. Flowers grow to 1 inch (2.5 cm) across.

Flower Description: Very fragrant. Encyclia ivoniae has greenish or brownish flowers with maroon spots or coloration. The flowers are produced on a tall (1 meter) branched panicle. Sometimes even the lower branches grow their own branches. Flowers are waxy and substantial and last for 3 to 5 weeks.

Bloom Season: It blooms in December in its native habitat.

Growing Temperature: Intermediate (adaptable to warm or cool growing conditions).

Additional Information: This species is unfortunately rarely grown by orchid collectors but deserves consideration due to its attractive flowers and beautiful fragrance. Grow mounted on cork or grow in slatted baskets to ensure adequate drainage and air circulation around the roots. Provide standard Cattleya growing conditions with brighter light. The foliage of well-grown plants will have a purplish tinge.

Synonyms: None.



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