Encyclia gonzalezii

Common Name: Gonzalez's Encyclia

Habitat: Brazil. Encyclia gonzalezii is native to gallery forests in central Brazil. The first specimen was found growing outside of Brasilia City in the state of Goias. It grows on trees at approximately 1000 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Small. The pseudobulbs of Encyclia gonzalezii are upright, cylindrical, and small. There is one or two 8 inch (20 cm) leaves per growth. Leaves are narrow.

Flower Size: Small.

Flower Description: Encyclia gonzalezii has small flowers that are roughly star-shaped with blunt tips on the tan-green petals and sepals. The lip is whitish with purple veins. The flower spike is unbranched and grows about 1 foot (35 cm) tall and bears up to 7 flowers. Flowers are slightly fragrant.

Bloom Season: Fall, Winter

Growing Temperature: Intermediate.

Additional Information: This species was first described in 1991 in Orchid Digest. It is not common in cultivation but is attractive and would make a satisfactory specimen for an orchid collection. Like many other species, grow Encyclia gonzalezii mounted on cork bark or any other suitable mount and provide typical Cattleya growing conditions.

Synonyms: None.



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