Encyclia flava

Common Name: Yellow-lipped Encyclia

Habitat: Brazil and Venezuela. The original plant was collected near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Plant Size: Medium. The leaves of Encyclia flava are long and narrow and grow to 12 inches (30 cm).

Flower Size: 1.5 inches (3.5 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers of Encyclia flava are yellowish and have pointed petals and sepals. There are raised veins running the length of the petals. The lip is lighter in color.

Bloom Season: Summer?

Growing Temperature: Intermediate

Additional Information: This species reasonably attractive flowers and is a good candidate for orchid collections. Grow mounted on cork in in well-drained hanging baskets. Typical Cattleya conditions are acceptable.

Synonyms: Epidendrum flavum, Epidendrum tripartitum, Epidendrum mapuerae, Encyclia tripartita




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