Encyclia confusa

Common Name: Confusing Encyclia

Habitat: Brazil. It has been found growing in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo

Plant Size: Small to Medium. Encyclia confusa has small, pear-shaped pseudobulbs that grow to 2 inches (6 cm) tall. Each growth produces two 12 inch (30 cm) leaves. The flower stalk grows to 18 inches (50 cm) tall and extends above the foliage.

Flower Size: Small. Flowers are about an inch wide.

Flower Description: The flowers of Encyclia confusa are tawny yellow with a wash of brown. The lip is white and the petals and sepals are narrow and pointed and have brown veins.

Bloom Season: Spring?

Growing Temperature: Intermediate

Additional Information: Encyclia confusa was described to science in 1991. It was named the "Confusing Encyclia" because the botanist received two misnamed specimens at the same time and had to untangle the taxonomic mess. I assume that standard Cattleya conditions would be acceptable for this species.

Synonyms: None.



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