Encyclia caximboensis

Common Name: Caximbo Hill Encyclia

Habitat: Brazil. Encyclia caximboensis is found growing near Caximbo Hill in Para, Brazil on a military base. It grows on rocks.

Plant Size: Medium. Fragrant. The pseudobulbs of Encyclia caximboensis grow from 1 to 3 inches tall and 1 to 2 inches wide. There are between one and tree leathery leaves that are between 5 and 9 inches (13-22 cm) long. The leaves are upright and feel like leather.

Flower Size: Small

Flower Description: The petals of Encyclia caximboensis are greenish and have brown veins. The lip is white and has purple veins across the entire surface. The stem grows up to 18 inches (50 cm) tall and bears up to 9 flowers

Bloom Season: Winter to Spring

Growing Temperature: Intermediate

Additional Information: Grow this species mounted on cork, in slatted baskets, or in clay pots with inorganic media (like Aliflor). Let plants dry between watering and provide air circulation.

Synonyms: None.


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