Encyclia argentinensis

Habitat: Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina. Encyclia argentinensis is found growing on trees in bright light at low elevation.
Plant Size: Large. The pear-shaped pseudobulbs have a few long, narrow leaves that grow to 30 or 40 cm long.

Flower Size: Medium (bigger than most Encyclia flowers)

Flower Description: Encyclia argentinensis has dull yellow-green petals and sepals and a greenish-cream colored lip. Sometimes the lip, petals, and sepals have maroon veins. The inflorescence is branched and is about the same height as the leaves.

Bloom Season: Summer

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm.

Additional Information: Encyclia argentinensis is a vigorous grower and blooms well in cultivation. The flowers are large for the genus and the plant makes for an interesting addition to an orchid collection. In the past, Encyclia argentinensis was confused with Encyclia oncidioides but the two species are not closely related.

Synonyms: Epidendrum argentinense, Encyclia saltensis, Epidendrum oncidioids var. gravidum, Epidendrum gravidum, Encyclia gravida




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