Encyclia alata

Common Name: Winged Encyclia Orchid

Habitat: Mexico to Costa Rica. Encyclia alata grows in open forests at low elevation (below 1000 meters). Usually, it grows on trees but it has been reported growing occasionally in soil.

Plant Size: Medium to Large.

Flower Size: 2 inches (5 cm)

Flower Description: Flower color and shape vary considerably between individuals. Generally, the flowers are long-lasting and fragrant. Encyclia alata produces a tall (1.5 meters), branched inflorescence that produces numerous flowers.

Bloom Season: Spring to Fall.

Growing Temperature: Warm to Intermediate.

Additional Information: Encyclia alata is a popular species because it is easy to grow and produces numerous, fragrant flowers. Grow mounted, in slatted baskets, or in clay or plastic pots in a loose, open media. Water liberally while producing new growth and less during the rest of the year. It likes heat and humidity. Large specimen plants are quite impressive.

Synonyms: Epidendrum alatum; Epidendrum alatum var. grandiflorum; Epidendrum alatum var. longipetalum; Epidendrum alatum var. majus; Epidendrum calochielum; Epidendrum formosum; Epidendrum formosum var. grandiflorum; Epidendrum longipetalum




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