Encyclia advena

Habitat: Encyclia advena is native to Brazil and grows on trees in filtered light.

Plant Size: Medium sized. The compact pseudobulbs bear a couple of strap-like leaves.

Flower Size: About 1 inch (to 2.5 cm)

Flower Description: Encyclia advena is one of the large-flowered Encyclia species from Brazil. Encyclia advena has olive or yellow petals and sepals with brown or maroon veins. Sometimes there are flushes of maroon on the petals. The lip is white and has some purple veins. The flower form is cupped and the petals are fleshy. The inflorescence is branched and up to four times taller than the foliage.

Bloom Season: Late Fall, Winter

Growing Temperature: Intermediate. Tolerates cool and warm growing temperatures.

Additional Information: There is a lot of variability in the flower size. Specimens with large flowers are quite attractive and worthy of a place in a collection. Grow Encyclia advena under Cattleya light and temperature conditions. Grow mounted or in pots with coarse growing medium. This species has been confused with Encyclia megalantha.

Synonyms: Epidendrum advenum, Encyclia osmantha, Encyclia megalantha



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