Encyclia adenocaula

Common Name: Rough Stemmed Encyclia

Habitat: Mexico. Encyclia adenocaula prefers dry pine and open oak forests in the Mexican states of Guerrerro, Michoacan, Jalisco, Sinaloa, and Durango.

Plant Size: Medium.

Flower Size: 4 inches (10 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers are large, well-formed, and long lasting. Fragrant. Encyclia adenocaula produces flowers on a tall (1 meter) flower stem that extends well beyond the foliage (like Laelia anceps).

Bloom Season: Fall?

Growing Temperature: Intermediate, Cool

Additional Information: Grow this species mounted or in slatted plastic or wood baskets. It may also be grown in plastic pots as long as drainage is good and the growing media does not hold in too much moisture. Encyclia adenocaula needs to dry out between watering. Provide a very dry rest period from the fall when new growths mature till active growth begins in spring. Water and fertilize heavily while the plant is making new growth. This species needs bright light and can tolerate some direct sun as long as air circulation keeps the foliage from burning.

Synonyms: Encyclia nemoralis; Epidendrum adenocaulon; Epidendrum adenocaulum; Epidendrum nemorale




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