Cattleya skinneri

Common Name: Flower of San Sebastian, Guaria Morada


Habitat: Central America. Cattleya skinneri is found in many countries. The species can be found in southern Mexico and further south growing in wet montain forests from sea level to 1200 meters. it is also found growing in Guatemala and Honduras into El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It grows on tree branches in open forests and is quite common in its native range. Locals use the flowers to decorate their homes and altars.

Plant Size: Medium. Cattleya skinneri grows nine to twelve inches (22-30 cm) tall and have two, six inch (15 cm) long leaves on top of the pseudobulb. Pseudobulbs are narrower at the base and wider at the top. Flowers develop from (sometimes) dry sheaths formed on last summer's growth.

Flower Size: 3 inches (7.6 cm)

Flower Description: Cattleya skinneri produces many bright rose-lavender flowers that have a yellow throat. Typically, there are five to nine flowers per stem but well-grown plants can reach at least 14 flowers. Flower stems grow to 5 1/2 inches. The flowers sparkle with a crystaline texture and are long-lived. Flowers last three to four weeks.

Bloom Season: Winter, Spring (March through June)

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Hot.

Additional Information: Cattleya skinneri is an easy one for beginners because it tolerates a wide range of temperatures and is forgiving of low humidity. Well-grown plants can become massive specimens. Plants prefer a cool, dry winter rest. Cattleya skinneri var. alba is a white form. Cattleya aurantiaca hybridizes with Cattleya skinneri to form the natural hybrid Cattleya x guatamalensis.

Synonyms: Cattleya laelioides, Epidendrum huegelianum, Guarianthe skinneri



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