Cattleya schilleriana

Common Name: Consul Schiller's Cattleya


Habitat: Brazil. Cattleya schilleriana reportedly grows on hardwood forests and cliff faces in close proximity to surface water which helps maintain high levels of humidity. There is no rain during the summer months in its native habitat. It shares much of the same habitat with Cattleya schofeldiana, Cattleya velutina, and Cattleya harrisoniana.

Plant Size: Semi-dwarf. Bifoliate. The leaves of Cattleya schilleriana are spotted with red. The plants range from 4 to 10 inches in height and are similar in appearance to Cattleya aclandiae. Roots are thicker than other species.

Flower Size: 3 to 4 inches (7.6-10 cm).

Flower Description: Flowers are of heavy substance and the petals and sepals are quite ruffled. Cattleya schilleriana is rare to have more than 2 flowers per stem. Flower color is quite variable. Some plants produce olive-green flowers tinted with brown and spotted with brownish-red spots while others are redish-brown with almost solid mahogony spots. The lip has a pale yellow base color which shows off the purple veining.

Bloom Season: Late spring or early summer (June to September).

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Hot

Additional Information: Grow Cattleya schilleriana on slabs, rafts, or baskets for best growth. The plant needs bright light and good air circulation. Dark flowers and wavy petals make this species and interesting conversation piece.

Synonyms: Cattleya aclandiae var. shilleriana, Cattleya regnelii, Epidendrum schillerianum



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