Cattleya mooreana

Common Name: Moore's Cattleya


Native to: Peru. Cattleya mooreana is native to central and northeast Peru where it is found growing on large trees in wet, mountainous forests. It is found growing between 900 and 1000 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Small to Medium. Unifoliate. The plants have erect pseudobulbs with a single leaf.

Flower Size: 2.75 inches (6 cm)

Flower Description: Fragrant. Cattleya mooreana produces 2 to 4 pale green, chartreuse, or yellow flowers on a short (6 cm) stem as the pseudobulb matures. The flowers have somewhat narrow petal and sepals. The lip has Burgundy markings. Flowers are long-lived.

Bloom Season: Summer as the new growth is maturing.

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm.

Additional Information: Cattleya mooreana is an uncommon species in orchid collections. The species was discovered by Lee Moore of Miami, Florida in the late 20th century.

Synonyms: None.



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