Cattleya guttata

Common Name: Spotted Cattleya


Habitat: Brazil. Cattleya guttata is found from Sao Paulo to Espirito Santo States, near the coast or along rivers in the interior (especially in Espirito Santo State). The species is commonly found growing in the swampy forests behind sand dunes near coastal beaches.

Plant Size: Large. Cattleya guttata can produce long, cylindrical pseudobulbs up to 6 feet tall and 1 inch across.

Flower Size: 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm)

Flower Description: The flower color of Cattleya guttata varies from greenish-yellow to brown and usually almost has brown spotting on the segments. The lip is always lavender with white to lavender side lobes. Flowers are long lived (although the length of time varies between individuals). In some cases, more than 40 flowers (3 inch across) have bloomed on one spike.

Bloom Season: Fall, Winter

Growing Temperature: Warm to Hot

Additional Information: Give Cattleya guttata a dry rest in winter to encourage blooming the following fall. One grower grows his plants in large clay pots with large lava rock as the growing medium. The bottom drainage holes are enlarged and empty net pots place over them to provide additional aeration to the roots. Hang the plants high so that they receive bright light (about 30 percent shade).

There has been some confusion about this species and Cattleya leopoldii. Cattleya guttata is closely related to Cattleya leopoldii but can be distinguished by its smaller flowers with a narrow and small lip. Plants of Cattleya leopoldii also usually are half the size of the ones of Cattleya guttata and produces few flowers.

Synonyms: Cattleya elatior, Cattleya elatior, Cattleya granulosa var. russeliana, Cattleya guttata var. caerulea, Cattleya guttata var. elatior, Cattleya guttata var. immaculata, Cattleya guttata var. leopardina, Cattleya guttata var. purpurea, Cattleya guttata var. williamsiana, Cattleya guttulata, Cattleya leopoldii subsp. pernambucensis, Cattleya leopoldii var. immaculata, Cattleya sororia, Cattleya sphenophora, Cattleya tigrina, Cattleya tigrina var. caerulea; Cattleya tigrina var. immaculata, Cattleya tigrina var. leopardina, Cattleya tigrina var. purpurea, Cattleya tigrina var. williamsiana, Epidendrum elatius, Epidendrum elegans



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