Cattleya granulosa

Common Name: Granulose Cattleya

Habitat:** Brazil. Cattleya granulosa is endemic to the state of Permnambuco. Native to hills near swampy coastal areas in eastern Brazil where it found growing on trees between 600 and 900 meters.

Plant Size: Large. Cattleya granulosa can grow to 2 feet (60 cm) tall. Pseudobulbs are tall and cylindrical and have two leaves on top.

Flower Size: 6 inches (15 cm)

Flower Description: Sweetly fragrant. The flower of Cattleya granulosa is very distinctively shaped with lateral sepals curving downwards and slightly inwards. The overall color an apple to olive green with some scattered spotting. The long lip has a creamy background with an orange-yellow base that extends out to crimson purple on the front lobe. It flowers on a maturing growth from a green sheath that bears between 5 inch to 8 inch flowers. Flowers are long-lived and glossy.

Bloom Season: Summer

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm

Additional Information: Grow mature plants of Cattleya granulosa in a coarse potting material (like coarse fir bark) under medium Cattleya light such as for Cattleya loddigesii or Cattleya hybrids. Regular humidity and air circulation requirements are typical for Cattleyas. The botanical name refers to the granules on the lip of the flower.

Synonyms: Cattleya granulosa var. buyssoniana, Epidendrum granulosum



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