Broughtonia negrilensis

Common Name: Negril Broughtonia

Native to: Native to Jamaica. Broughtonia negrilensis is endemic to coastal areas where it grows on trees or limestone rocks in forested areas. The environment is sunny and relatively dry. The species is named after the town of Negril in western Jamaica.

Plant Size: Small. The plants are compact and have small, tightly clustered pseudobulbs with 1 to 3 narrow leaves that grow to 8 inches (15 cm) long. The flower spike of Broughtonia negrilensis grows to 40 inches (100 cm).

Flower Size: 1 to 2 inches (2.5-4 cm).

Flower Description: Flowers of Broughtonia negrilensis have a large lip that is prominently marked with dramatic veining. Up to 15 flowers grow on each stem and open in succession over a long period of time. Non-fragrant. Large, mature plants can bloom several times per year.

Bloom Season: late-Fall to Winter

Growing Temperature: Warm to Intermediate

Additional Information: Provide bright light (up to 3500 ft candles) and adequate air circulation and humidity. Allow the plants to dry out in between watering since they resent wet roots. Easy to grow if its needs are met. It can even be grown under artificial light (3-4 feet from a 450 watt sodium lamp).

WARNING:This genus does not tolerate systemic insecticides or Malathion. Use 'Diazinon' instead. Grow on a mount or raft since this species does not grow well in pots of any type. See the remounting notes mentioned for Broughtonia sanguinea for remounting instructions.

Synonyms: Laeliopsis domingensis


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