Brassavola venosa

Common Name: The Veined Lip Brassavola

Habitat: Brassavola venosa is found growing at low elevations from Costa Rica to Honduras. It grows on trees in dry forest environments below 350 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Small to Medium.

Flower Size: 4.75 inches (11 cm)

Flower Description: The flower of Brassavola venosa is very similar to Brassavola nodosa. This species has raised veins or ridges on the lip to differentiate it.

Bloom Season: Spring. Sometimes Brassavola venosa blooms twice per year.

Growing Temperature: Warm, Intermediate

Additional Information: This species is closely related to Brassavola nodosa and can be grow in a similar manner. Grow on plaques or mounts and provide bright light and good air circulation. Water heavily during the growing season and reduce watering during cooler months. Easy to grow.

Synonyms: Bletia venosa, Brassavola nodosa var. venosa


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