Brassavola perrinii

Common Name: Perrin's Brassavola

Habitat: Brassavola perrinii is found growing in Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.

Plant Size: Small to Medium. Brassavola perinii is pendent and the leaves and pseudobulbs droop. The leaves are fleshy and terete and the pseudobulbs are narrow and cylindrical.

Flower Size: 2.5 to 5 inches

Flower Description: The flowers of Brassavola perinii are star-shaped with narrow, pointed olive green petals and sepals. The lip is white and broad and heart-shaped. Flowrs are fragrant. Flowers of Brassavola perrinii grow on a short flower spike and three to six flowers bloom on each inflorescence.

Bloom Season: Spring, Summer

Growing Temperature: Warm to Hot

Additional Information: This species is quite attractive and grows well mounted on cork, wood, or tree fern plaques. Provide ample water and fertilizer during the growing season and reduce water during the cooler winter months. Provide bright light, good air circulation, and high humidity.

Synonyms: Brassavola fragrans


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