Brassavola martiana

Common Name: Von Martin's Brassavola

Habitat: Brassavola martiana is native to Guyana in northern South America. It is also found growing at low elevations in Bolivia, Brazil, Surinam, the Guyanas, Venezuela and Colombia below 1000 meters. It grows on trees.

Plant Size: Medium to large. Brassavola martiana has pencil-like pseudobulbs and terete, fleshy leaves that have a shallow v-shaped channel that runs down the center of the leaf. The leaves are longer than Brassavola ceboletta but shorter than Brassavola cucullata. Foliage is dark green or olive green in color. The plants are upright.

Flower Size: Small. Flowers range from one inch to three inches across.

Flower Description: The scent of Brassavola martiana is small but powerfully fragrant. The scent of Brassavola martiana has been described as very floral with hints of jasmine and gardenia. The petals and sepals are olive green. The lip is small and spade-shaped with a frilly margin. Flowers are long-lived and fragrant at night.

Bloom Season: Spring

Growing Temperature: Warm, Intermediate

Additional Information: Brassavola martiana grows best mounted on wood, a tree branch, or cork plaque. Reduce watering during the cooler months of the year and provide copious water and fertilizer while new growth is developing.

Synonyms: Bletia amazonica; Bletia attenuata; Brassavola angustata; Bletia martiana; Brassavola amazonica; Brassavola angustata; Brassavola duckeana; Brassavola multiflora; Brassavola martiana var. multiflora; Brassavola surinamensis



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