Brassavola cucullata

Common Name: Hooded Brassavola

Habitat: Mexico, Central America, Northern South America, and the West Indies. Widespread. Brassavola cucullata grows on trees in coastal rain forests between sea level and 1800 meters in elevation.

Plant Size: Medium. The slender pseudobulbs of Brassavola cucullata are erect and have a single, fleshy green leaf. The plant has one leaf per pseudobulb. Dried sheaths cover the pseudobulbs.

Flower Size: 7 inches (17 cm)

Flower Description: This species has white flowers with slender petals and sepals that droop dramatically. Brassavola cucullata has a nocturnally fragrant flower. Some describe the fragrance as skunk-like and unpleasant. Flowers touched by cold weather may have a reddish coloration. There are one or two flowers per growth and they grow on an 8 inch (20 cm) long stem.

Bloom Season: Summer to Fall.

Growing Temperature: Warm to Cool. Intermediate is preferred.

Additional Information: Brassavola cucullata is the type species for the genus Brassavola.

Synonyms: Bletia cucullata; Brassavola appendiculata; Brassavola cucullata var. cuspidata; Brassavola cucullata var elegans; Brassavola cuspidata; Brassavola elongata; Brassavola odorattissima; Cymbidium cucullatum; Epidendrum cucullatum



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