Barkeria uniflora

Common Name: Single-Flowered Barkeria

Habitat: Mexico. Barkeria uniflora is found growing on trees near dry creek beds in the Mexican states of Guerrero, Mexico, Michocan, and Oaxaca.

Plant Description: The small plants of Barkeria uniflora have small, cylindrical pseudobulbs with a few fleshy, deciduous leaves.

Flower Size: 2 3/4 inches (5.5 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers of Barkeria uniflora are white or lilac. The lip has a darker blotch toward the tip with markings on the lighter portions. The inflorescence produces one to a few flowers.

Bloom Season: Fall or winter in cultivation. June in the wild.

Temperature: Warm to Cool.

Additional Information: Barkeria uniflora is closely related to Barkeria barkeriola.

Synonyms: Barkeria elegans, Epidendrum elegans, Pachyphyllum uniflorum


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