Barkeria Orchid Species

The orchid genus Barkeria is closely related to the genus Epidendrum and was once included in the same grouping. There are 10 to 15 species of small or medium sized plants.

Most are epiphytes but some are rupicolous (grow on rocks). For best results, grow this species on mounts or tree fern plaques and provide good air circulation. Fertilize heavily during the growing season and not at all during the dormant period. Provide bright light (Cattleya light) and high humidity. The plants have thick roots and slender canes. Leaves are long and narrow and drop during the cool season. During their deciduous period, they need a dry rest. Begin watering at the first sign of new growth in the spring.

While related to Cattleya orchids, this genus bears little resemblance to it corsage orchid cousins. Many people enjoy growing and collecting this genus for the large clusters of miniature Cattleya-type flowers that are produced on graceful terminal stems.

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