Barkeria skinneri

Common Name: Skinner's Barkeria

Habitat: Northwest Guatemala and the Mexican state of Chiapas. Barkeria skinneri is found growing on rocks or trees (primarily oak) in tropical or deciduous forests at elevations ranging from 900 to 1900 meters in elevation.

Plant Description: Small. The cylindrical pseudobulbs of Barkeria skinneri are slender and of medium height and have several horizontal fleshy leaves. The plant is deciduous.

Flower Size: 1 1/2 inches (2-4 cm)

Flower Description: The flowers of Barkeria skinneri are rose magenta or concolor magenta and have a shovel-like lip. It blooms on a long-lived 12 inch (30 cm) inflorescence.

Bloom Season: Fall to mid-winter

Temperature: Warm to Cool. Intermediate conditions preferred.

Additional Information: Barkeria skinneri is one of the better known and loved Barkerias. Barkeria skinneri tolerates a wide range of temperature conditions but typical Cattleya conditions are best (i.e. intermediate temperature and light). Grow mounted to a slab or stick and provide a dry winter rest when the plant is dormant and leafless.

Synonyms: Barkeria skinneri var. major; Dothiolophis purpurea; Epidendrum fuschii; Epidendrum skinneri; Epidendrum skinneri var. superbum


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