Barkeria schoemakeri

Common Name: Shoemaker's Barkeria

Habitat: Mexico. Barkeria shoemakeri has a limited distribution and is restricted to the states of Michoacan and possibly Oaxaca. It is found growing and an epiphyte at an elevation of 600 meters.

Plant Description: Barkeria shoemakeri has slender, cylindrical pseudobulbs with three or four fleshy leaves and thick roots. During the winter, the leaves turn yellow and fall off. New growth resumes in the spring.

Flower Size: 3/4 inch (1.5 cm)

Flower Description: The flower is white with rosy-magenta markings on the lip.

Bloom Season: Mid-winter

Temperature: Warm

Additional Information: Barkeria shoemakeri requires the same care as Barkeria obovata and Barkeria naevosa. Provide bright light and ample water in the spring and summer during periods of active growth and provide a cooler, drier winter rest period. Grow on a twig or cork mount.

Synonyms: None


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